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ERP Business suite


ERP Business suite

ERP Business suite





Repair Center Solutions


Repair Center Solutions

Repair Center Solutions

  • 1. Complete “SCM” Solution

    • Seamless Information flow, Customized work flow , Grips on Inventory and effective credit controls, Partner management, Transaction visibility and Decision Making etc.,.
      The solutions with invaluable flawless Operation for Better Visibility. maximized outputs , to Manage and monitor operations easier.

  • 2. Warranty Management System & Warranty Claim System

    • Fit into After Sales Services - Telecom Products, IT products and Managed Print Services Segments
    • Call center management,
    • Work force Management,
    • Forward & Reverse logistics movements,
    • Defective Management
    • Partners/Vendor Claim Management,
    • Freight & Courier Management
    • Financial and accounting Management
    • Partner Management
  • 3. Annual Maintenance Contract Management System

    • Funnel Management
    • Bid Management,
    • Contract booking,
    • Technical Call center,
    • Field Service,
    • Central/Regional warehouse,
    • Inventory Management,
    • CX Reviews,
    • Courier &Insurance Claim management,
    • E-Invoicing with GST Portal,
    • MIS and Decision making system.
  • 4. High Level Repair Center Service Application

    • Incoming Defective Receipt Validations
    • Discrepancy Stocks Management
    • MSL and Demand forecast
    • Parts Management
    • Parts Cannibalization
    • Service Engineer Schedule and Repair activity
    • Engineer performance metrics
    • Post Repair QC compliance
    • Defective Units Scrap Management
    • Warehousing and Logistics Management
    • RMA/RTV Management
  • 5. Warehouse & Logistics Management

    • Order Processing
    • Centralized and Decentralized Warehouse model
    • Automated order fulfillment
    • Forecasting
    • Purchase order processing
    • Suppliers management
    • Vendor Management
    • Reverse Logistics
    • Parts Cannibalization
    • Manage inventory by lot #, Serial number/ expiration date
    • Bin Management
    • Pick Management (FIFO, Bin-priority, etc )
    • Reduce Operational Expenses
  • 6. Exclusive 3PL Management

    • Order Receipt from vendor
    • Order Allocation
    • Order fulfillment
    • Purchase Order Generation and GRN
    • Centralized and Decentralized Warehouse Management
    • Logistics Management
    • Forward & Reverse Logistics
    • Defection collection
    • Retrun to Vendor – RMA
    • Digitalized Monitoring Metrics for Effective Management.
    • SLA Compliance Metrics
    • Optimize Entire Process
    • Improve Visibility on Operational Efficiency.
  • 7. Parts Management System

    • Part Planning
    • Procurement Control
    • MSL Planning
    • Kitting & Grouping
    • CKD / SKD Planning & Scheduling
  • 8. Inventory Management

    Managing stock requests across various location

    • Pick list generation (FIFO, Bin-priority, etc )
    • Managing stocks through appropriate stockrooms
    • Inventory Dashboards
    • Daily stock auto reconciliation
    • Daily uploading stock reports to vendor system
    • RMA Management
    • MSL Triggering Mechanism
    • Auto alert mails and notifications
  • 9. Vendor Portal Management System

    • Integrated Vendor Management
    • Calls/Jobs Status visibilities
    • Stock transparency
    • Approvals
    • Filter & Eliminate Unwanted Procurement
    • Vendor Managed Inventory
    • Schedule Adherence Rating
  • 10. Human Resource Management System

    • Man power requisition
    • Online application fulfillment and submission
    • Man power assessment
    • Managers Recommendation
    • Final Process
    • Employee Skill Matrix
    • Candidate joining Process
    • Employees Promotions
    • Employee disengagement
    • Exit Interview feedback
    • Compliance Management
    • Online attendance system
    • Payroll process
    • Outsources employee engagement and disengagement
    • Employees portal – Leave/permission and attendance updates
    • Salary Budgeting
    • Employee KRA and appraisals .
  • 11. Mobility Application (Mobile App on Android / IOS) for Work Force Management System

    • Scalable
    • Online attendance system
    • Automatic Engineer scheduling
    • Customer feedback on repair closure
    • Assigning resources with right skill set in the right place and at right time
    • Status update on diagnosis and Repair actions
    • Repair closure status updates
    • Improves asset uptime and customer satisfaction
    • Part request
    • Real time Engineers movement and availability
    • Real time status updates
    • Accurate Travel allowance and pay out
    • Work on offline (Non Network areas)
    • API Integration.
    • Improved data Analytics and BI.
  • 12. Payroll Process Management

    • Employee Directory
    • Automate Payroll Process
    • Leave & Attendance Update
  • 13. Hospital Management System

    • Doctors Appointment
    • Out-Patient Module
    • In-Patient Module
    • Admission Module
    • Medical Record Management
    • Operation Theatre Module
    • Dietary Module
    • Room Services Modules
    • Discharge Module
    • Material Management Module
    • Accounting and Finance Module
    • Reports Module
  • 14. Call Centre Management system

    • Customer Contact Information Details
    • Technical /Non Technical Call center module
    • Customer Complaints Details
    • Product/Unit Details
    • Customer Defective Unit Conditions
    • Event Management(Inbound/Outboud /Mails)
    • Diagnosis and Repair Action details
    • Call clousre
  • 15. Health Insurance BPO automation

    • Insurance Eligibility Verification
    • Patient Demographics details
    • IICD, CPT and HCPCS Coding
    • Charge Posting –
    • Agent validation and scrub.
    • Audit team verification
    • Claims Submission, Electronic billing and manual billing
    • Payment Posting
    • Accounts Receivable Followup and Denial Management
    • Patients Statement
    • Reporting and Scheduling
    • API Automation with Doctors Tool
  • 16. Customized Software Solutions

    • Customization of existing system and its features in any platform or domain
    • Change Management
    • Reengineering
    • Data based Maintenance
    • Performance Fine tuning
    • Skill set Training
    • Software Consultation
    • Trouble Shooting
    • Database Migration
    • Upgradation
  • 17. Partner Claim Management System

    Connected with all warranty business CRMs. It is a module which gives visibility on partner transactions and claim details. It not only captures the calls which are closed by the partners but also ascertains the total payable and receivable cost of the partners. It maintains Security deposits, Claims payable, Out of warranty advance collection, Outstanding inventory billing, SLA penalty, Inventory value at partner locations against each businesses for the partners thereby Statement of Accounts (SOA) can be taken for any partner. This application brings effective control and visibility on partner claim management.

  • 18. Travel Claim Management Tool

    It is a centralised module for managing travel reimbursement of employees. This module is connected with all service CRMs/any application wherein all the claimable work order number can be pushed into thismodule. This module is aligned with company’s travel policy. Reimbursement to the employees can be made based on distance travelled. Claims amount gets pushed to the finance module in order to settle the payment to the engineers. All types of travel claims can be processed and settled through this application.

  • 19. CFMS Application (Courier Freight Management System)

    Purpose : To Arrest Revenue Leakage

    CFMS application has been designed and can be integrated with courier transactions across all the business modules.

    Through this application, managed and unmanaged courier transactions can be effectively handled and managed.

    Master level data such as city wise courier cost, unit of measurement and other mandatory details like mode of transports, etc., are maintained well in the system to arrive right courier cost incurred across all the businesses. To compare the courier bills verses system generated payable list. Reconciliation of courier bill will be made easy.

    It has user friendliness, updates only the relevant information in the system and has got many monitoring points to control the cost and mode of transportation.

    Example: GOOD stock shipment from warehouse through Air Mode and Reverse (Defectives) stock shipment through Surface mode.

    Example: Single docket number assigned to dispatch sent to a single destination which had items of various DCs from multiple service CRMs.

    The Docket details and POD updated in CFMS automatically reflect in respective BIZ. CRMs and also enable TAT calculation.

    Work on integration with vendor courier system through which all the POD details and status of shipment details etc. can be monitored and managed effectively